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Top Raw Tag Team breaking up after Extreme Rules?


The Extreme Rules PPV saw a number of unexpected winners but the most surprising one has to be The B Team winning the Raw Tag Team Championship from Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt.

And if some recent speculations based on a tweet are to be believed then not only their Championship reign has ended but their days of working together might be over as well.

After losing the titles at Extreme Rules the Broken One made a tweet from his official Twitter account saying that it may be time for them to move on:

While not confirmed, this is being seen as an indication that the team of Hardy and Wyatt may have worked their final PPV match together and we may see them breaking up soon.

It also makes sense storyline-wise as after losing the tag titles there doesn’t seem to be any good storyline the duo can engage in as a team and it would make more sense for them to go their separate ways now.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I think Jeff Hardy single push is going to come to an end because he not the same Jeff Hardy as he once was before he left WWE. An I get the feel they are going to give Randy Orton a huge heel push on Smackdown right now.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    It probably also time to give Bray a single push as a face.

  • CC

    I’m not saying the Matt/Bray team has not had its merit, but when they returned to WWE the fans wanted to see Broken Matt and Brother Nero. As soon as they had the chance to do that, they sent them to different brands.

    It is doubly annoying as it is all because they still want to push Jeff as a baby face singles star, when quite frankly that time is over now. This is the last run for these two, and WWE should be capitalising on the Hardys as a team.

  • ROB-1.

    They need to put the Hardys back together.

  • CC

    If you read the tweet properly, its more likely Hardy trolling suggesting a return of Brother Nero, hence the emphasis on “US”, with Jeff losing the US title.