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Top SmackDown Superstar makes fun of Shane McMahon’s table spot from Survivor Series

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He might not come off as one but Rusev actually is quite the comedian. The Bulgarian Brute, who was kept off of Survivor Series for some reason, decided to tweet out some witty remarks regarding Survivor Series after the event was over.

Rusev took to his Twitter to playfully mock Shane McMahon’s table spot from Survivor Series by saying that if he gets to be a part of the Blue Team next year, he’ll pull off one of them as well.

Furthermore, Rusev also sent some advice to Team SmackDown after they suffered a humiliating clean sweep at Survivor Series. Rusev adviced that maybe SmackDown should start having some qualifying matches next time around.

  • CC

    What do you mean by that opening statement? Anyone who follows Rusev on social media knows Rusev has a great sense of humour, and we saw enough of it on TV during Rusev day as well.
    Sometimes I wonder if the people who write these articles actually watch the shows and pay attention to social media, or if they just wait for someone else to tell them stuff.

  • oppa

    All to set up Shane’s heel turn and him taking over as the evil Mr. McMahon on television.

  • Dirt McGirt

    If I’m Fox, I’m telling WWE they need to turn this around and quick. I didn’t spend millions of dollars for the B-show.

  • Will Henderson

    Raw buried SmackDown, clearly Vince booked this event in favor of his baby, Raw. SmackDown got treated like the red-headed step child instead of being equal to Raw.