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Top Tag Team Receives “Insulting” Offer from Lucha Underground?, Companies Interested In JR

– Nick Jackson of top indie tag team The Young Bucks recently tweeted the following:

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that this is a reference to an offer the team received from the Lucha Underground show. They reportedly received a lowball money offer for seven years.

On a related note, Lucha Underground is said to be interested in Jim Ross to be the lead announcer for their next season that begins filming in a few weeks. AAA also wants Ross to announce their English language pay-per-view events.

  • Andrew

    I’d have to respectfully disagree. The Young Bucks may not be as publicized as much as the mainstream teams (i.e. Beer Money, MCMG, etc.) but they’re definitely top tag team material. They’ve held/are holding numerous championships in multiple promotions, notably Dragon Gate, ROH and NJPW, ranked among the top 100’s (I THINK 75, 76 if I recall, but I may be wrong) in the PWI 500 as singles wrestlers alone, have gotten the nod in the 2013 Super Jr. Tag Tournament as the debuting team and had even held 3 major tag belts simultaneously just last year (ROH, PWG and IWGP Jr.) and they’re doing it now with minor promotions (FWE, FSW and PWD). Not to mention they’re involved in the Bullet Club and have gotten much more exposure since then.

    As Keith Learmonth said, WWE’s global audience makes mostly any place they’ve worked look very minor, but TYB definitely qualifies for “top tag team” status, if they’re not one already. Heck, good ol’ JR had nothing but praise for them during Wrestle Kingdom 9, which says a lot for their stock going forward.

  • max

    who are these jackasses, lucha underground is very new, no one is backing them, even if these guys were any good, what kind of check budget book do they think lucha underground have? So much for these idiots being team players and helping bring up a new company, maybe for once we could’ve had options now that WWE isn’t great, and TNA along with everyone else still sucks.

  • Chris E.

    Watch one of their matches and that will answer any questions. Not only are we talking about extreme respect within the wrestling community, we are talking about modern brilliance in the ring. If NXT pays more, that would be the only better place than splitting time between New Japan and ROH given their respective skill sets.

  • Keith Learmonth

    The problem is, WWE has a global audience that makes pretty much any place The Young Bucks have worked look tiny,

    Until they make it in WWE, they’ll always have detractors who will say they’re big fish in a small pond.

  • poko

    Seriously? They’re the hottest tag team in the world at the moment and probably the best. I expect them to win a lot of Tag Team of the Year awards along with ReDRagon and T-Hawk & Eita. Timesplitters are up there as well. Still, none of them are as exciting as the Bucks.

    I’m kind of in shock that anyone disputes that they’re at or near the top.

  • CC

    Not in the slightest. This isnt a TNA knock for once. If it had been Beer Money or MMM, I would agree with the “top tag team” reference, but the Young Bucks are not top anything, let alone a top tag team.

  • Matt

    WWE Universe in full effect on here, I see

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I’ve heard of them once maybe twice in last year or so lol.

  • CC

    Top Tag Team? Where?