Torrie Wilson Shows Backside In Hotel Room Photos

WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson recently took to her Instagram account and posted series of pictures from her hotel room. Her caption read:



“I will never stop being unapologetically girly. I love playing with makeup even tho I dont usually wear much of it.
I love bright clothes because color makes me happier & your girl is not afraid to dress like I’m 25. I keep wondering when that will change but so far it hasn’t.

Oddly, I also feel like a guy in a lot of ways too.

I used to really reallly worry about making others feel comfortable w my existence & have come a longgg way from where I used to be for sure. You can imagine it aint easy when my superpower is reading ppl beyond their spoken words or actions.🥴

But here’s my is supposed to be a fun adventure. It’s OK to unapologetically be YOU!
swipe to end to see the current moves I’m working on & feel much better about your coolness.
OWN YOURSELF ❤️💫✨🙌🏼☀️😎”

It is needless to say that Torrie has been one of the most popular women in WWE from the pre-women’s revolution era. She started off as a manager in WCW and then joined WWE after WCW closed.

She was very popular among fans for her looks and ‘girl next door’ appeal. That appeal led to, among other things, two appearances on the cover of Playboy magazine.

However, it all started when she spoke to fellow WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash. During an appearance on the Generation Iron Fitness Network, Torrie explained how Nash pitched an angle to her which allowed her to enter the wrestling business:

“I didn’t know who any of them [the WCW wrestlers] were, but I was taking pictures with Bill Goldberg and some people.

Then I met Kevin Nash, and he was like, ‘I saw you in a green bikini in a magazine, and we have this storyline idea. Would you be interested in doing it, working with Ric Flair?’ And it was just like acting segments, and so I said yeah.”

After retiring from wrestling, Torrie Wilson became an online fitness blogger and instructor. She was also inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of its Class of 2019.

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