ToT [66] – 4/25 Raw Running Diary: WWE Draft

Well, it’s been a busy weekend what with getting the magazine ready, and writing. How about we skip those corny intro’s I always do for you guys and just start the column?



9:00 – Damn the action has already started as the show begins. I’m extremely intrigued to see how this plays out.

9:01 – A Kane-Sheamus program possibly being started there?

9:02 – Ted DiBiase won this battle royal last year. He went on a huge downward spiral thereafter. Can he redeem himself this year?

9:05 – Damn, Kofi Kingston has some bright ass gear on. WOW! He could really tone down the colors.

9:10 – Past winners of this battle royal include Edge twice and Randy Orton. What a rub Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston or Evan Bourne could get from this. Sadly, Big Show is most likely to win this thus burying the next generation.

9:13 – He may not of been the final guy, but he still came out on top. Whodathunkit?

9:14 – Holy shit! Seriously, whodathunkit? Maybe Trips new administration is serious about getting the two brands back level with each other. Wow! I actually love this move a lot! The Raw brand can now have more freedom now that it’s no longer held down by SuperCena. Now, that’s no indicment on him, it’s just simply a show can’t go much further than him as it’s top face for six years. Ya know? And who knows, maybe this is a sign that his heel turn will be in full effect come next year.

9:22 – I’m still pretty flabbergasted right now from that move. WOW!

9:23 – As I’m typing this out I am also in the process of typing out questions for an interview I am conduction with a former Tough Enough winner. That very interview will either make it’s way onto the May 4th issue of FightLife Magazine, or will definitely be featured in the May 25th issue. No doubt, no doubt! Best be gettin’ them cards out ready for your subscription! It’s real, it’s damn real!

9:26 – Uh, oh! Truth better stop cussing he’s going to get fired!

9:30 – Truth is really performing quite the nice heel turn. That’s some serious heel heat he’s getting.

9:33 – Morrison and Truth have a bit of a blood war, don’t they? Problem is, Truth HAS to get moved to Smackdown in order to be looked at as the top heel. Morrison, on the other hand needs to stay on whatever brand Miz is on, because they could put on quite the summer feud if allowed to.

9:40 – A Layal-Michelle McCool program could be awesome. To bad women aren’t respected enough to be given that opportunity in the WWE anymore.

9:43 – Well, we could be seeing the highly hyped and wanted match-up of Rey Rey-Sin Cara.

9:45 – I’d like to take this time, once again, to say that the website in which the digital magazine of FightLife will be broadcast on is the following:  Go there and read the articles that me and my colleague have up. Leave comment, and sign up. Whatever you wish to do. Remember the exclusive debut will be out on May 4th. Circle those calendars ladies and gentlemen! It’s almost here!

9:53 – I’m not sure what’s more surprising. Kofi winning, or Sheamus back on a losing streak. You decide!

9:55 – Is that a beard on Randy’s face? But seriously, holy shit! John Cena, AND Randy Orton to Smackdown! WOW! Sadly, though, I feel some big trade coming. That would kill this for me.

10:00 – I’m not at all excited for this next bout.

10:02 – Does anybody else find it funny that J.R. is on opposite sides as the guy that he personally recruited from his own school and state of Oklahoma?

10:04 – What is this the second coming of Brock Lesnar-Bill Goldberg? C’mon man!

10:06 – Six minutes and no fucking action. This is fucking stupid! I get that you want Cole to get over as a snobby bitch heel, but c’mon!

10:07 – Wow, J.R. must’ve hit something, he’s bleeding like hell.

10:08 – Hahahaahhaahahahahhah. Coles spanking J.R.! Hahahahahaah!

10:13 – If the WWE plays there cards right, Miz could really turn babyface, and be SUCCESSFUL in moving merchandise and bringing in viewers every Monday night. It’s quite the risk, but what do they have to lose at this point? He’s got what it takes, will they book it right, though?

10:17 – Jobber entrances for both Randall Kieth Orton and Dolph Ziggler?

10:18 – I like Randall’s new beard. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him with facial hair. It makes him come off more human. I mean I respected John Morrison a whole hell of a lot more when he started growing his beard. I’d respect John Cena a lot more if he grew a beard. I wish he would grow one.

10:20 – SuperOrton?

10:24 – The more I think of it, the more I know that there is now zero chance of Christian winning this Sunday. Come SummerSlam he’ll be back into irrelevance again unless he gets moved to Raw. He has no chance of staying atop with Orton and Cena there. This makes me cry :'(

10:28 – They revealed them during the break? WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! Atleast they’re steering Sin Cara away from Rey. That’s all that matters.

10:29 – Can you imagine a summer full of Morrison-Miz, and Corre-Nexus feuds? I can and I’d love it! Just sayin’.

10:33 – What a burial for The Corre, and Wade Barrett. What a shame. I’d say Wade’s coming to Raw now.

10:35 – The main event kind of sucks for Smackdown now. Damn. Also, fuck you Big Show.

10:38 – At this moment, I’m not really sure what to think. Something bigger is going to happen before we close out the show. Something MUCH bigger. As it stands right now, the main event scene is whack on Smackdown.

10:42 – Yep, here comes our trade.

10:43 – Maybe not!?

10:47 – I’m kind of at a loss of words right now. I’m really intriguied to see how this closes out. This has potential to be the best Draft ever, but it could also flop with a few shitty moves to close out. I’m also worried about where my boy Christian will go. He was JUST experiencing the greatest push of his career, now he’s seemingly headed back to mid-card no where-ness. FUCK!

10:52 – This is an extremely Pro-Cena crowd tonight. First time I’ve heard one of them in quite awhile.

11:01 – Quite the nice match we got ourselves here.

11:04 – Nice heel turn there. Smackdown needs this! Very much. Almost as much as Mark himself needed it.

11:05 – Cena’s going back to Raw, right here! I’ll bet on it!

11:06 – This makes more sense now. But, I feel like these two hours were wasted. This COULD have been the best draft ever. After that, nope!

I’m disappointed in this episode. I really am.  It’s not how the rosters shaped up, because quite frankly they look better now and are quite decent. It’s that we were given glimpse of something nice and then they snatched it away from us. WTF! I’ll give tonight’s Raw a B+. The nostalgia factor alone was quite the trip. This summer is looking nice, let’s see how it goes!

K, so there’s another one that bites the dust. Remember folks to go check out the magazine website and tell us what you think! We still got a few openings if anybody is interested in writing. There openings as in we would welcome anybody else who wanted to contribute. We’ve got some of the best writers on the net on board, though. The magazine is going to be jam packed full of articles, interviews, previews, editorials, reviews, and columns. It’s a magazine that should be priced at $20 an issue, but it’ll only be $5! If you fine folks got any questions feel free to e-mail me and ask away. It’s for you guys after all. Not me. BUT…

Until next time, it’s your favorite spartan (aka me TRIXIE! : ), Spartacus, signing away!

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