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Tough Enough Winners Revealed

Sara Lee & Amanda each faced Alicia Fox while ZZ & Josh each faced Cesaro in their live matches tonight. Before each match each competitor also cut a promo.

Amanda, as Mandy Rose, came out first and said she was taking everyone out to a party tonight but Miz wasn’t invited. She had three big botches but still had a good match. The ending was a scissors kick by Fox who then pinned Amanda for the win.

Sara Lee named herself Hope. Her promo was about proving the doubters wrong. She does a Russian leg sweep, which is supposed to lead into her armbar finisher, but does poorly on switching over to her finisher. Fox botches a scissors kick to win.

ZZ comes out as King of The Bayou and does a decent promo that gets interrupted by Cesaro. ZZ sells everything well. He gets his finisher reversed and taps out to a Cesaro crossface.

Josh as The Yeti is able to make the audience stand up during his promo. The two start off locked up in a battle of strength until Josh gets European uppercuted and double footstamped, which he sells really well. Josh initially botches his spot but hits his splash into a running powerslam. Cesaro does the Neutralizer and wins.

The winners of Tough Enough are Sarah Lee with 64 percent of the female vote to Amanda’s 36 and Josh with 70 percent of the male vote to ZZ’s 30 percent.