How Much of Tout Does WWE Own?, Mysterio’s “Be a STAR” Inspiration, HITC Pre-Sale

– The pre-sale code for the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view which takes place in Atlanta, GA, at the Philips Arena is ATLANTA. Advertisements in the area call for both the WWE and World Heavyweight title to be defended inside the cell this year.



– is featuring a new article on Rey Mysterio and his involvement with the “Be a STAR” campaign. In the article Mysterio talks about how his daughter was a big inspiration that pushed him to join. Here’s an excerpt from the article.

“She joined one of the talks that I gave early on and I was so proud that she was able to grasp the whole meaning of the campaign. I know, because she was in a situation in her school not long after that and she was able to actually apply what she had learned during the talk. So, it was inspiring really, for me, and right there, I thought, this could really be helpful.”

– George Barrios mentioned earlier today in the quarterly conference call that WWE is using the cost method to account for their investment in Tout. Typically if a company is using the cost method, it implies ownership of only twenty percent or less.


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