Transcript of the Angle/Jarrett Phone Call on Bubba the Love Sponge’s Show

– It was revealed one week ago today on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show that Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle were living together. Audio of the conversation surfaced earlier this week on YouTube, but was quickly pulled when Bubba’s people filed a copyright claim. In case you missed, you can catch it again as audio of the phone conversation has surfaced at The caller in question asked that his or her voice be distorted.



Below is the transcript of the phone conversation between radio host Bubba and the caller, who went under the alias James and claimed he works for TNA (thanks to PW Torch):

Bubba: James, out of Orlando, you’re on protection, James.

James: You got me on protection, yeah?

Bubba: Got you on protection, yeah.

James: I just wanted to call you up and let you know, man, you know Karen Angle – I know you and Kurt are good friends – Karen Angle is not who you think she is.

Bubba: Hold on, Karen Angle is a good friend of mine as well. I’m friends with Kurt Angle, Karen Angle… What’s wrong with her?

James: I don’t think she’s the type of person you think that she is, man. I don’t want to get into it too much, but she’s actually living with Jeff Jarrett now. Her and the kids are living with Jeff Jarrett. And Dixie (Carter) is –

Bubba: Hold on. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. First of all, her and Kurt are divorced. But, you’re talking about Jeff Jarrett as in the wrestler, as in part owner?

James: Yes. And Dixie is upset, man.

Bubba: You mean Dixie Carter? First of all, I don’t necessarily believe that. I would probably have to heart from Kurt, Karen, or Dixie herself if Dixie’s in the mix. Secondly, Dixie is the president and almost-all owner of TNA Wrestling. Sir, do you work close to the situation?

James: I work on the lot for TNA. I don’t want to say much more – anything more than that.

Bubba: First of all, sir, I don’t know this to be true.

James: Oh, it’s true.

Bubba: Secondly, how in the hell can Kurt work with Jeff Jarrett if that’s indeed the truth?

James: I don’t know how much longer Jeff Jarrett is going to be with TNA. Dixie is upset. She’s talking about buying him out or maybe firing him.

Bubba: Wow. Is this a thing that has just been recent or has it been long going? How can I verify this, sir?

James: Now I can’t say that this was happening when she was with Kurt or that this led to the divorce or anything. This is something I just personally found out about. As much as the back-story of how long it’s been going on, I don’t know. It’s been going on for a little while – it’s my understanding. But, I do know that she is living with Jeff Jarrett.

Bubba: And the kids?

James: And the kids, absolutely. That gives you something to think about with Karen Angle.

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