Transcript of the Pulled Sin Cara Interview – Talks About His Suspension

Here is the interview from The Record that Sin Cara did about his WWE suspension. Credit goes to Billy Krotchsen and



The Record: Are you surprised by this situation?

Sin Cara: Why did they suspend me? They haven’t told me anything.

Record: How did you find out?

Cara: I found out just now.

Record: What do you think happened? You’re one of the guys who has had a lot of success there.

Cara: I’m going to talk to them to find out what’s going on because they told me [wait] until tomorrow.

Record: You’re talking with them tomorrow to clear this up? How has this affected you?

Cara: Well yeah, they haven’t told me anything bad. This hasn’t affected me because they would have told me something.

Record: Why did they suspend you?

Cara: I don’t know. What happened is I have pain and I injected something, I think it caused the test to be positive, they didn’t tell me anything. Supposedly steroids but lots of medications have steroids.

Record: What body part did you inject? Is this some type of injury?

Cara: It’s an injection I normally get in Mexico.

Record: Oh so something you’ve done previously? What body part?

Cara: My knee.

Record: The same one that’s been giving you small problems here and there?

Cara: Yes.

Record: So you’re going to meet them and get more information.

Cara: Yes.

Record: Do you have a date on when you’ll be back?

Cara: No, like I said they haven’t told me anything, I just found out but I’d like to know. They told me not to worry about anything, nothing is going on, that we’d talk tomorrow, that’s all they told me. I think until I talk to them tomorrow I’ll know what’s going on.

Record: Do you have a message for your fans?

Cara: Thanks for their support, the fans know I’m not a drug addict, much less am I taking anything. I’m not sure what happened, it looks like it was from the medication, let’s wait and see what happens. Because my body doesn’t really look like it’s on steroids, If this were a drug thing they would have fired me. I’ve very grateful for the public’s support and we’ll wait and see what happens.

NOTE FROM BILLY: Interesting to note that the actual article quoted Cara as stating that the company told him there would be a suspension due to the politics of the company, but Cara actually never stated that in the audio, so the newspaper may have added that in on their own. Cara did not state that at any point in the audio of the interview.

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