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Travis Browne “banned” from Raw following actions on recent show

Ronda Rousey Raw

Last night on Monday Night Raw, Ronda Rousey dismantled Dana Brooke in mere seconds. After punishing her for a while, keeping the armbar locked in after the match was over, she went outside the ring to celebrate with her husband, Travis Browne.

Things got heated with the WWE’s security guards, and we saw both Rousey and Brown assault them before Browne picked up the Raw Women’s Champion over the barricade. They immediately marched out of the building.

On Instagram today, Rousey revealed that Browne had been banned from Raw.

WWE can fire me whenever they want. I’ll gladly go home and live happily ever after with the love of my life Travis Browne. They can’t control me with this job.

You’re all lucky my husband was there to stop me when I was just getting started. Now that he’s been banned from Raw, your luck has run out.

With only two episodes left until WrestleMania, what kind of chaos will Rousey unleash now that Browne isn’t ringside?

  • Darrin Tyler

    Uh no that whole segment was scripted to end like that.

  • Luke

    Bless your heart for thinking this is anything other than a work

  • Noah Cadwell

    We all know that this is probably a work, but if it isn’t they should fire her dumb ass and blackball her for creating an unsafe work environment for the wrestlers, the refs and the fans. Its only a matter of time she starts acting like Scott Steiner…..Oh wait, she is