Travis Kelce Reveals Truth About The Rock

According to DNY, Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end, has seen a surge in mainstream celebrity status, including winning the Super Bowl, hosting Saturday Night Live, starring in national TV commercials, and dating pop singer Taylor Swift. This unexpected rise is attributed to a carefully planned business strategy developed by his managers, twin brothers André and Aaron Eanes. Kelce’s brand management includes a creative strategist, community outreach coordinator, publicist, personal chef, and trainer. The Eanes brothers coordinate these efforts, managing Kelce Inc. and executing a plan to capitalize on his crossover potential.



Kelce’s managers emphasize the importance of executing their plan during the window between the Super Bowl and the start of training camp, allowing Kelce to manifest his desires during the NFL season. While Kelce’s shift into mainstream celebrity was planned before his relationship with Taylor Swift, it has significantly broadened his audience, changing the trajectory of his career. The Eanes brothers, who manage Kelce’s investments and handle various aspects of his career, highlight the effectiveness of having a plan in place.

“People say to me, ‘Man, it’s been a crazy year,’” Aaron Eanes said. “When I say, ‘Actually, it’s not that crazy,’ people look at me funny. It’s because it’s easy when you have a plan. We’re executing that plan.”

The business strategy involves careful coordination with external providers, sharing film scripts, considering game shows, and balancing commercial opportunities. Despite the unexpected turn of events, the Eanes brothers stress that their success is due to the execution of a well-thought-out plan. Kelce’s increased awareness and appeal, particularly among Swift’s fanbase, have accelerated his mainstream celebrity status, making him a prominent figure both on and off the football field.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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