Travis Kelce Wrestling Video Before Parade Shooting Revealed

Kansas City police are urgently urging individuals to evacuate the vicinity near Union Station following a shooting incident during a pep rally celebrating the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win.



“Anyone in the proximity needs to vacate the area swiftly and safely to facilitate the treatment of shooting victims. Please avoid the Union Station parking garage area to allow first responders through,” stated the police.

Two armed individuals have been apprehended, and at present, there is no information available regarding the number of victims.

Kansas City witnessed a jubilant celebration on Valentine’s Day as Chiefs fans gathered in downtown streets to partake in the exuberant festivities commemorating their back-to-back Super Bowl champions.

The warm winter day set the stage for shirtless players dancing, sharing drinks with fans, and marked the team’s third championship celebration in five years. The practiced revelry showcased the city’s and team’s adeptness at celebrating Super Bowl victories.

Expressing their triumph, star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, a three-time Super Bowl MVP, addressed the doubters, stating, “They all doubted us. I don’t want to hear any different. But you know who came through in the end – that’s the Kansas City Chiefs.”

The parade commenced with Chiefs players on double-decker buses, waving to fans lining the city streets. While star tight end Travis Kelce rode on the same bus as Mahomes, there was no sign of his girlfriend, music sensation Taylor Swift, possibly due to her tour commitments in Australia.

Kelce’s mother, Donna, a rising star in her own right, was observed distributing roses to fans along the parade route.

Kansas City Chiefs players engaged in the victory parade on Wednesday, with some players leaving their vehicles to walk the route, interacting with fans, and distributing libations. The post-parade pep rally featured players toasting to their connection with the city, expressing gratitude for the support from Chiefs Kingdom.

Highlighting the desire for future success, Mahomes declared, “We’re going for that three-peat, don’t forget it, don’t get it twisted. We’re doing it. First time in NFL history, we’re doing it.”

The celebratory atmosphere included Kelce’s Chiefs-themed rendition of Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places,” albeit disrupted by the original song playing over loudspeakers and teammates vying for the microphone.

The Chiefs, solidifying their status as the NFL’s latest dynasty, celebrated their championship victory, with Mahomes running along the parade route in a triumphant pose akin to his winning touchdown toss in overtime on Sunday.

Fans gathered at Union Station and downtown before the parade celebration, with some arriving in the early hours to secure prime spots. The desire for a “three-peat” echoed through the celebration, marking the team’s championship era according to Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.

While championship parades typically allow players to unwind and revel in victory before the offseason, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid emphasized the need for players to enjoy responsibly. Coaches are set to take a brief hiatus after the parade before returning for the NFL Combine on February 26.

In a video posted by KCTV reporter Joe Hennessy, Chiefs fans demonstrated their dedication, arriving at the parade route as early as 4 a.m. to secure front-row positions, showcasing the fervor and unique spirit of Chiefs fans.

As Kansas City basks in the glory of another Super Bowl triumph, the celebratory mood shifted abruptly with the unfortunate shooting incident, prompting swift police response and bringing a somber tone to the events.

Travis Kelce was seen dancing with the WWE Championship during the parade.

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