Triple H Discusses WWE Studios, the Worst RAW Guest Host Ever and More

– Triple H spoke with this week to promote WWE Studios’ Inside Out. Here are some highlights:



Hugh Jackman is guest-hosting an upcoming episode of Raw, and he joins a long list of celebrity guest hosts — but was there ever a host that had a pedigree coming to them?

I’d like to give one to Bob Barker, just ’cause it’s Bob Barker. But you know who I would have liked to pedigree is Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton was the guest host and he showed up ten minutes before he did his thing, he did it, and he left five minutes later. He couldn’t have cared less, he phoned it in. It was the worst appearance ever.

Most of the guys come on the show and they know what we are and they want to have fun. Dennis Miller came on and he was hilarious on-camera, hilarious off-camera. Dennis came up to me and he goes, “My life is complete. I just got comedy advice from Vince McMahon.” Vince would literally be like “Dennis, come here. You need to say your jokes slower ’cause…” Vince will give anybody direction.

What does WWE Studios have planned next?

We just finished a movie called ‘No One Lives,’ that’s a straight up horror, R-rated. It’s funny, if we say we’ve got a few kid’s movies, now it’s: “all WWE does is kids movies.”

I don’t think anyone expected us to make ‘That’s What I Am’ either. A movie about prejudices and bullying and the story of a teacher and a kid that gets bullied. It’s completely different for us. But Vince read it and felt passionate about the story and said “this is a really great story. Is it gonna make us a ton of money? Nope.” We’re trying to think bigger picture and longer term.

Triple H also played the name game and had to think up a movie for 80’s and 90’s stars. Here’s what he came up with for the following stars:

Hulk Hogan: Oh god, anything cheesy.
Jake Roberts: Western villian.
DX: Comedy.
Vince McMahon: “Wall Street”
Bill Goldberg: Any movie that took itself too seriously.
The Ultimate Warrior: Either crazy out-there futuristic space movie — or absolute stoner film.

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