Triple H addresses rumors of Vince McMahon’s involvement with NXT

NXT’s move to USA Network has been one of the biggest news coming out of wrestling world in the past few days and people have been discussing how this will affect the show since the news broke out.



A lot of people believe that the product will see some major changes now and Vince McMahon will start getting involved with the show more, however, Triple H is claiming that this won’t be the case.

H recently had an interview with and when asked about Mr. McMahon’s involvement with the brand, he claimed that the Boss has left him the in charge of the show:

He’s not involved. Yeah, he’s going to have some say in some things as far as where the brand sits and the marketing of it within USA and all that stuff and clearly, whatever he wants to do at the end of the day also, but truth is at this point in time he has basically just said ‘go and make this thing a success’.

Triple H also talked about the recent rumors of Enzo and Cass being in talks for a WWE return. He revealed that the news was false and he had WWE’s PR department shot it down as soon as he heard about it.

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