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Triple H was afraid Daniel Bryan would leave to wrestle elsewhere

The Game spoke with ESPN earlier in the week to promote WrestleMania and discuss the in-ring return of Daniel Bryan. He told them that Bryan had done everything that he could to make WWE clear him.

There’s a certain point in time when Daniel is not still cleared by us, but he’s gotten clearance from his team and his people and all his things, and I’m sure he was already training and doing things. Maybe not taking bumps, but training and doing the things he wanted to do to get himself back in shape just in case this did happen.

So while we were making him go to additional doctors and running more tests and doing all these things to ensure that everything was alright, he was preparing.

Triple H went on to say that he was worried that Daniel Bryan would just quit and go wrestle somewhere else.

Part of me was so afraid in the period of time when it was all going down that he was going to walk and say ‘forget it’ and go wrestle for someone else that doesn’t care, that doesn’t take their health into consideration, because that’s pretty much everywhere else, and risk his life and his health and his family and his baby and risk all of it…and it’s not worth that.

We take enough risk every day in what we do. Every day. Luckily, we never got there, and luckily…things worked out. It’s funny, because as Bryan was putting out things like ‘I’m going to do this if they won’t let me do that,’ he was already working the information. He was already getting those tests done. He was already getting that stuff done. Looking back on it, he was already prepping…he was prepping everything about it.

To say that no other company cares about the health of their talent is a pretty harsh thing for Triple H to say, and in all honesty, untrue. While some companies may not go to the lengths that the WWE does to make sure they’re ready to go, especially in the last five years, to make a claim like that is a bit insulting.

NJPW has had a similar issue that WWE had with Daniel Bryan when one of their top stars, Katsuyori Shibata, had to stop wrestling after a stiff headbutt caused a subdural hematoma. While Shibata stated that he’s not retired, the company has given him the position of head coach at their dojo in Los Angeles, California, to keep him in the business as he works toward getting himself cleared again.

Was he afraid of Bryan leaving for another company? Probably. I’m sure many of the WWE officials were afraid of that. And their fear in Bryan’s health is justified, especially with the birth of his child last year. However, the idea that no company will give Bryan the same kind of treatment or care is sort of insulting.

  • Thomas Murray

    the only reason you show interest in the health of the talent these days is sponsors money would have dried up n fear of another Chris Benoit situation

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    So many spelling mistakes in here, do you guys even proof read

  • M

    It’s another way of saying that if Bryan Danielson was to show up at ROH or NJPW, they’d be an even bigger threat to the WWE and that the Daniel Bryan fans that would follow would see just how much better the independents “professional wrestling” is than the WWE “sports entertainment”. Safety is always the number one priority but in this circumstance an excuse for boredom.