Triple H and Fox Sports President comment on recent rating drops

One of the biggest reasons of concern for WWE has been the recent big drops in ratings for both its premiere shows in SmackDown and Raw.



These big drops in ratings have been a point of discussion among wrestling fans and others and people have been wondering how Fox Sport which has paid a lot of money to acquire the rights of SmackDown Live feels about it.

The Associated Press recently published an in-depth piece where they took a look at the programs of WWE ahead of SmackDown’s move to Fox and it featured comments from both Triple H and FOX Sports President Eric Shanks on the matter.

H tried to downplay the matter saying that any show running for so long has its moments when things ebb and flow but they will correct their course:

“I think any show that has been on the air as long as RAW and SmackDown have, you’re going to have moments in time where things ebb and flow, when you look back over it, you hope that as you look back 10 years from now, you go, ‘oh, there was a little dip there but it wasn’t for long and they corrected course and got right.'”

On the other hand, the Fox Official showed confidence in their promotional abilities and he said that they are hoping for the viewership to grow after the show moves to Fox Network:

“They haven’t had the programming and awareness that they will have on Fox, we’re hoping it will grow after the anniversary show.”

Apart from this, the piece also took a look at how WWE has used various legends to gain attention in recent times and how there will be distinct rosters for SmackDown and Raw moving forward.

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