Triple H ‘Betrayed’ Top Raw Star Backstage

WWE veteran star Triple H had reportedly ‘stabbed’ a powerhouse of WWE and former UFC star, Ken Shamrock. WWE icon Bret Hart during a recent appearance on The 81 Podcast, spoke about Ken Shamrock’s stint in WWE.



Bret Hart explains the actions of Triple H

The Hitman also revealed how The Game did not like him and ill treated him. He said that whenever The Game and Shamrock worked together he would criticize him and did not like him. Braun Strowman Raw Match ‘Botched’ By Top Name

Bret Hart went on to detail the incident and spoke about how Ken Shamrock was a victim of backstabbing. He said:

“To be honest, I think Triple H didn’t like him. Mostly, maybe, because he was connected to me. But Triple H, I remember, didn’t like him. And I remember Triple H was working with him a lot. He was always criticizing him and talking about him. I think that was one of the guys that stabbed him in the back a lot.”

Ken Shamrock had parted ways with WWE back in 1999 as he started training for re-entering into MMA. Over the years, both the stars have changed as Triple H is currently the WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy and Development.

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