Triple H Blocking Return Of Ex-WWE World Champion

Rob Van Dam (RVD) is considered one of the most technically gifted professional wrestlers of all time. Throughout his career, he faced numerous top stars, including Triple H. However, RVD suggests that a lack of communication with Triple H was a hindrance to his potential WWE return.



Triple H is currently the Chief Content Officer in WWE, responsible for making key decisions. This role reflects his years of dedication and hard work, starting as a WWE Superstar on the road and gradually climbing the corporate ladder.

Before signing with WWE in 2001, RVD had a successful stint in ECW. During his six years as an active wrestler in WWE, he won several championships, including the WWE and ECW Championships. After leaving WWE in 2007, RVD briefly returned in 2013 before departing again in 2014.

RVD last appeared during the 2023 Draft but nothing more after that. While speaking on Marty Jannetty’s “Party with Marty” podcast, RVD was asked if he still communicates with Triple H.

RVD said that he never had a proper relationship with Triple H where they would regularly talk, blaming that for being a hurdle to his WWE return.

“No… I never really talk to Hunter. If I had that relationship with him where we talked, then maybe I would be there. I’m assuming that’s a big reason why I’m not there… Everyone can see I’m still in f*cking better shape than ever. I can work with a motherf*cker. If you ask me why I’m not there, I’d probably say relationships with the office but I don’t know.”

RVD and Triple H also had heat with each other for long time. RVD also previously made it clear that he has no intention of retiring. Regardless, we certainly hope the WWE Hall of Famer will be able to appear at WrestleMania 40 next year in some capacity.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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