Triple H Brings Back 5 Stars To WWE TV

WWE’s takeover by Endeavour has been a major booster for the company. Vince McMahon has little to no say in the company’s creative process and Triple H is the man behind the creative performance of the roster.



Fans have enjoyed the product as many superstars and titles have been showcased with prominence. There are many new superstars who have been pushed and the environment has been positive in all aspects.

According to Ringside News, Sean Ross Sapp reported that Triple H has been ‘knighted’ by Endeavour. He holds the charge to how the creative would perform in the WWE. The company has created many superstars and it’s amazing to see how the morale of the team has boosted since Triple H took charge.

I think you can take a look at the show — Johnny Gargano is back after his return was nixed. Tegan Nox is on the show. Dragon Lee is all over the program. Carlito is finally factored in after being under contract for months. Cameron Grimes got back on TV. Bronson Reed is winning matches. Tag team titles and IC titles are getting long matches to end Raw. I’m not going to say that all of those are direct results of the situation, but all of those parts moving at the same time is a little too much to be a coincidence for me.

Vince McMahon, on the other hand, is not taking any control of things. His retirement and subsequent return in the past led to many people giving up on their job. This includes his daughter, Stephanie McMahon who resigned from the position of co-CEO after Mr. McMahon return.

WWE Raw this week saw an exceptional match between Becky Lynch and Tegan Nox. Johnny Gargano has returned and an amazing team has been formed who the fans would love to see in action.

It needs to be seen on how things transpire in the coming weeks and months as Triple H gets an opportunity to uplift more people in the roster.

What do you think of this situation? Sound off in the comments.

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