Triple H Calling CM Punk For WWE Return?

Sean Ross Sapp reported that Triple H could be interested in calling CM Punk if he leaves AEW. TheRedWoman recapped Sapp’s stream about Punk’s backstage fight:



“5-6 minute brawl” with popular rumours that Punk got injured there (unconfirmed + SRS later said may have happened during the match, meant to be a triceps injury)

CM Punk was “absolutely wrong” about the identity of the sources on the Colt Cabana story, and SRS has only spoken to Hangman once when they were first introduced.

People were unsure if Punk’s MJF comments were in kayfabe or not, SRS says there are no known prior issues between the two of them

SRS knew that “many talent believed” that Punk was involved with Cabana losing his job, and that the Young Bucks went to bat for him, but sat on the story for three months as he was unable to get confirmation. He had asked Cabana to comment, but he refused and said it was for the sake of his mental health.

No one is “rushing to [SRS’s] DMs” to defend Punk’s behaviour, although some are sympathetic. It is “hard to find people who defend Punk throughout the whole situation”.
“Unbelievable” and “incredible” heat towards Ace Steel.

What SRS is hearing is “all over the map” in terms of who might be fired, who might be suspended, etc. He’ll report as soon as he gets any confirmation.
There’s no heat towards Toni Storm’s comments about Thunder Rosa.

SRS believes that if Punk does get released, Triple H might call him and see if there’s business to be done.

Punk was credited for several of AEW’s deals, and SRS isn’t sure if they’d lose them without him.

Bobby Fish’s involvement is just him “trying to get attention”, as he was not involved in the altercation or situation at all.

The situation about the fight is “messy” and SRS “would be surprised if [Mox] was thrilled” about it (in response to a question about Mox’s reaction).

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