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Triple H defends WWE main roster booking

Wrestling fans and critics alike have praised NXT for their character building, storylines, and impressive matches, highlighted by their TakeOver events which usually feature two to three hours of non-stop great wrestling.

Those that enjoy NXT also tend to heavily criticize the main roster and often find themselves worried about their favorite NXT talents when they go to the main roster.

In a recent conference call, Triple H defended the storytelling and booking on the main roster, saying that everyone likes different things. A caller┬ástated that he was a fan of NXT and had been burnt out by the WWE’s main roster.

Everybody has opinions on things and positives and negatives. That’s the beauty in what we do and people are free to express those opinions. I’m happy that you like NXT and I’m happy you’re looking forward to that show. You know, some people dislike some things, there are other people who dislike what we do in NXT and there are people that like what we do there.

Everybody’s got an opinion and the great thing for us is no matter what it is, positive or negative, we don’t have a shy fan base that is afraid to let us know.

They’ll let us know and whether we decide to take that message immediately or it takes us a little bit to hear it, eventually we hear you.

What do you think about Triple H’s response? Let us know in the comments below.

  • kav j

    No offence even if triple h does takeover the main roster , he will just get guys with no character, no larger than life personality and limited star quality, who are only focussed on putting on great matches that drives hardcore fans crazy . Also even triple h takes over, he still keep pushing roman as a top guy, there is no way they would put him on the midcard, he is a locker room reader for them, he is someone that sells a lot of merch and he is a huge draw on Youtube, they made a lot of money in roman and they have put in a lot of stuck in the guy Triple h would be stupid to not push this guy as a top guy, he may tweak roman character and possibly turn him heel and make him the top heel of the company, which would make roman a bigger star than he is now, but there is no way Triple h should put this guy is on the midcard, whethers fan like it or not the guy belongs in the main event scene. if you see how Triple h is running 205 live you can see he doesn’t know what he is doing because he is just putting random matches, they have guys on that roster who are probably good in the ring but they have no personality, the only person on that roster that has personality and should be the top guy is there is Drew Gulak, everyone else there has got zero character. Ever since they got rid of the two guy’s who were the only hope for 205 live neville and enzo its gone downhill. My issue is that if Triple takes over he will just do the same thing he does in 205 live to the main roster and he just focus on nxt guys as opposed to the whole roster. I feel that in NXT there are very few people on their that would have great success on the main roster for me personally guys like the velvteen dream, EC3, Johnny gargano, tommaso ciampa and war raiders who i reckon will do very on the main roster depending on vince books them, guys like aleister black, richochet, adam cole may struggle because they may not have the star quality that the guys that i mentioned above such as EC3 and Johnny Gargano possess because guys like EC3 have something special to them whereas guy like Aliester Black is good in the ring but guy lacks star quality, a presence and is just boring and bland. if Triple h takes over i would want him to create wrestlers that have larger than life perosonalities and huge star quality that guy in the Attitude Era have. if am Triple h would have him put guys like Roman Reigns, Elias, Miz and Drew Mcintyre as top main event heels and i would have put Strowman has the top face alongside Rusev who are both massively over with the fans. it would be great for Triple h to build the company around Reigns and Strowman who are both proven main event stars and both look like legit stars who should carry the company forwad, plus both are top merch sellers, huge on social media,both very popular with the family friend market and are massive youtube. Reigns and Strowman had the best rivalry of the year in 2017 and both bring out the absolute best in each other and show why they are on a another level compared to other guys. i would Triple h to get guys who have some special about them and that look like proper wrestlers that you saw in 80s- 90s, not guys like Finn Balor and Adam Cole who just look like guys you see on the street.

  • CC

    That really did not answer anything. Trips would make a great politician with that kind of dodge the question line.

  • Kyle Abraham

    I completely agree. Until Triple H takes over WWE we’re gonna have Brock, Braun, and Roman shoved down our throats. Braun I can at least stomach, but Brock and Roman need to go.