Triple H Drops Nexus Reunion Bombshell

WWE are not pulling punches when they are trying to reassert themselves as the top program for pro-wrestling. Triple H hasn’t been slouching on good calls either thanks to putting Rhea Ripley over.. It looks like Triple H tried to give the people what they have been wanting for a long time.



Nexus were a pivotal group in WWE just about a decade ago. Nexus were, in essence, the 2010’s version of D-Generation X or The Wolfpack (in ways). Nexus started by first antagonizing the season one roster of NXT before working their way to Raw to antagonize the top dogs.

Nexus saw many members come and go ranging from Wade Barret being the original leader to CM Punk eventually leading the pack of men. Well, it seems like Triple H understood how big of a deal Nexus was because word has traveled down the pipeline that PJ Black of ROH recently confirmed via Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Paul Levesque, Triple H, contacted him for a Nexus reunion at WrestleMania 36 last year.

The problem is that this all fell apart due to the pandemic and there is no reunion planned at this point in time. The (possible) good news is that Nexus is still on the mind of Triple H which could lead us to an eventual sight at the return of the black and yellow group.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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