Triple H ‘Embarrassed’ By Biggest AEW Name

Triple H and WWE are in big trouble as a war has just begun via social media. Tony Khan was the first to set this off on Twitter as he spoke about how far AEW have come in such a short amount of time. Triple H had mocked AEW in recent years, but AEW are the ones pulling ahead now. Is Shane McMahon Replacing Vince In WWE?



Tony Khan stated the following on Twitter: “40 years & in <2 years we’ve made up more ground from scratch than anyone in wrestling history. Let’s FN GO TONIGHT. Let’s make #AEWRampage 1 on cable TONIGHT!"

Tony is correct here as AEW just keeps breaking personal records. WWE on the other hand keep losing viewers in the 18+ demographic range as they are heading over to the AEW side of things. AEW have also not been around nearly as long as WWE have been, so it truly is crazy to see how far AEW have come.

Triple H has not yet said anything about AEW and probably never will, honestly as WWE is not allowed to give any nods to their competition at all.

Special thanks to Sportskeeda.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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