Triple H Ex-Girlfriend Fired For ‘Bad Attitude’

WWE Hall Of Famer Chyna was a legend in the business. She frequently faced off against male WWE Superstars, which was almost unheard of back in the 90s.



Chyna was a formidable presence in WWE during the late 1990s, but her time with the company came to an end due to various issues. She believed that she deserved a $1 million salary, but Vince McMahon refused to meet her demands, and she left the organization over a financial disagreement. Moreover, it appears that Chyna’s attitude problems led to WWE’s decision not to renew her contract.

During his tenure as the head of talent relations in WWE, Jim Ross witnessed several situations unfold, including the revelation that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were dating in 2000, which caused tension with Chyna. Ross stated in a recent episode of Grilling JR that McMahon had informed him about the situation, and Chyna’s conduct, mood, and attitude eventually ruled her out of consideration for a new contract with WWE.

“I think her conduct and her mood and attitude quickly eliminated her from consideration from another contract.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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