Triple H ‘Fights’ Bruce Prichard Over Top WWE Star

Triple H is at war with another top WWE name! Bruce Prichard is known for having a hot temper. Sometimes his temper is as hot as his right hand man’s, Vince McMahon’s. Bruce may have went over the edge this time.



On the recent episode of ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show’, Vince Russo had his usual guest on, Billi Bhatti. Vince and Billi discussed a multitude of all things pro-wrestling including Bruce Prichard having it out with HHH over a top WWE star. Let’s dive deep into this.

Billi Bhatti: “Latino stars are important, particularly to Bruce, who has made this a thing since he got there.” “We gotta push a new Rey Mysterio! We gotta get Dominik!” “That was very much Bruce’s doing. He wanted Dominik to skip NXT-he won that war with HHH.”

WWE has always had their hands in the Latino/Mexican wrestling market more-so than the Japanese wrestling sector or many other sectors. WWE have been trying more and more to bring in a broader demographic of fans ranging from age to race with the addition of Bad Bunny and plans to have Cardi B along as well.

Signs pointed to Bad Bunny being a huge seller within the WWE crowd, but there were also some clues to point to the fact that the numbers were most likely frauded.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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