Triple H Forced WWE Tag Team To Breakup

Cesaro and Chris Hero shared a good amount of times on the independent circuit as the popular ‘Kings of Wrestling’ tag team, however in speaking with Inside The Ropes recently, Hero stated that when both he and Cesaro signed with WWE there was absolutely no intention to continue the popular combination that was made popular on the indies. He told the popular news outlet the following.



“No, there was not. When Cesaro and I had our tryout and Triple H pulled us aside and he kind of gave us an idea that they would be offering us a contract, one of the first things he said was, ‘This is not to bring you guys in as a team. This is to bring you guys in separately and develop you separately. Whatever happens down the road happens but this is not, hey, you guys are being signed as a team.’ So I never had any thoughts or hopes that somebody would see something. Cesaro also got maybe like a five-month head start down in FCW. So by the time I got in and was doing stuff, he was getting ready to go up to the main roster, so I did not spend a lot of time in developmental with him.”

In other news regarding Cesaro, ‘The Swiss Cyborg’ was recently given serious praise by fellow WWE superstar, Natalya who gave quite the ringing endorsement of the former WWE United States champion in conversation with Sportskeeda as she said this quote.

“Cesaro is the greatest professional wrestler in the world,” said Natalya. “There is nobody that can touch him. There is no Superstar today; that is Cesaro. So, I can’t wait to watch Cesaro shine and hopefully get a chance to main event WrestleMania.”

Credit to RingsideNews and WrestlingInc for the transcriptions.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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