Triple H ‘Forgot Script’ During Major Raw Promo

The Good Brothers comprising of Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, who are the former Impact Wrestling Tag-Team Champions recently had an interview on the latest episode of Talk N Shop.



They went on to discuss how once former WWE star Triple H and CM Punk where involved in a heated in-ring promo. They revealed how The Game had forgotten his lines and Punk had to feed him in.

Triple H had forgotten his lines during the promo

WWE does not give its talents the liberty with cutting the promos. They are handed out the promo scripts and accordingly they are delivered by the stars.

Several former stars had lambasted the idea of scripted promos and on multiple occassions, fails in the promos are witnessed due to this reason.

The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) after departing have now got the freedom to work on their own creative aspect and have managed it well in AEW and Impact Wrestling.

Doc Gallows revealed during his early years in WWE, during an in-ring promo battle  between Triple H and CM Punk, The Cerebral Assassin had forgotten his scripted lines and Punk had to help him out. CM Punk could return to in-ring competition soon.

He said:

We’re in the ring one time. I’m 25, so I still have the nerves. I’m with [CM] Punk and Serena [Deeb] and Triple H. I remember being there and you think that these guys don’t fuck anything up, ever. We’re standing in the ring, Punk and Hunter are promoing back and forth, they do something, Punk gets a pop, Hunter gets a pop, and then Hunter drops the mic to his pecs and goes, ‘What’s my line?’ and Punk [feeds it to him]. Even those guys, it’s hard to remember all those fucking lines.”

Scripted promos are really hard to remember for the talents but it is Vince McMahon who takes all the shots and he does not allow his stars to cut promos of their own.


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