Triple H Getting Rid Of Popular WWE Titles?

WWE Head of Creative Triple H has already made some changes in the company following the Vince McMahon’s retirement. WWE is set to crown Women’s Tag Team Champions next week on Monday Night Raw and they have put a renewed emphasis on the secondary titles (Intercontinental and U.S. Titles) in recent weeks. Now, ‘The Game’ is believed to be making some major changes to the title belts designs.



Triple H likely to change title design

Dan Beltzer has been at the centre of a number of designs for a whole host of wrestling promotions, with the strap-maker also being responsible for breaking similar title design related stories in the past, too. That being said, it’s still not 100% clear which titles would see some design changes or completely changed-up if said Triple H WWE championship design alteration rumour is true.

The Twitter account @BeltFanDan reported the following:

“Rumor mill says Triple H making numerous belt design changes.”

With WWE on the verge of crowning a new pair of Women’s Tag Team Champions, whilst also putting a much-needed focus back on the mid-card United States and Intercontinental titles, there’s every chance The Game could decide to unveil some exciting new pieces of gold for those carrying said belts before long.

There have been reports floating around about Triple H possibly nixing the WWE 24/7 title. Now, it seems he is likely to make some changes to the primary titles like the WWE Championship or Universal Championship. We will have to see what he has planned.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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