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Triple H is open to more intergender matches in the WWE

Triple H

  • Maybe

    As long as it isn’t always something like [insert woman name] vs Ellsworth, I’d like to see it. I also don’t want it to always be face woman vs heel man. Some one like Stephanie I would love to see get the crap kicked out of her by someone like a Braun Strowman. Why? Because she’s such a b*tch, she needs to be put in a match where she is absolutely brutalized and I don’t think there’s any women on the roster that could hand her the a$$kicking she deserves. Stephanie needs to be put in a match where she gets zero offense in and just gets thrown around and put through a table for her YEARS of slapping men, talking down to them, etc. She has never gotten what she deserves, not even the Ronda match was enough to balance the scales.