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Triple H Isn’t Happy With Where NXT Is Right Now, Believes Brand Split Affected it, Wants Changes

WWE’s Triple H took part in a media call yesterday (Thurs. January 26, 2017). You can check out what he had to say here below:

On possibly airing an NXT special on USA:

“When you have a network, and you’re trying to create value for that network, and give people reasons to have it, you have to weigh that heavily,” Triple H said. “I think NXT has the potential to be a lot of things. Where it sits is not 100% my decision. I know those conversations have happened.”

On NXT’s uniqueness:

“There are some things and some changes that I’m hopeful will happen sooner than later that will expand it and make the show better,” he added.

On not being happy with where NXT is right now:

“I’m not happy with where it [NXT] is right now by far,” Triple H admitted. “I want it to be much better than it is, but it’s a rebuilding process. All these things going on, they all make changes in the ecosystem. Where everything lands at the end of the day is a moving target.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

  • Mike Wells

    205 Live is slowly getting there. You can’t just have a bunch of new guys who no one knows much about and have no character suddenly become interesting. It takes time. Neville has really helped. He won’t be there long term (he’s too good for that division) but he’s there to legitimise it so when someone does beat him, they’ll be an instant star. It’s also really helped his character (which one none existent before, just a white bread babyface).

    As for NXT, yeah it’s suffering from the brand split. Too many went up at one, leaving a very thin roster that they pretty much had to start again with. The women’s division is very thin. Nia, Dana and Carmella shouldn’t have gone up straight away. When Asuka leaves, there will be nothing left. The others are OK, but not in the level of those on the current roster.
    Tag division is their strength. Probably stronger than the main rosters!
    I’m glad Bobby Roode has a shot at the gold, but outside of him, who else has the star power to be NXT champion? This is where I feel bumping Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin before they were champions was a bad move. Less so Corbin (who is having a good run), but he could have been even better had a had a title run under his belt beforehand. Apollo on the other hand is being wasted and should probably go back to NXT.

  • jrock2310

    I wouldn’t say they should cancel 205, but rather invest and cultivate it. right now it gives the appearance of dark show matches. and while they’re going to go ahead and pay all the talent, producers, writers, ring crew all that money… they might as well invest in the show a little more. ideally, they should have kept it in the mold of the CWC: their own show on the network w/ their own timeslot, w/ their own NXT/CWC-like crowd. that would give the appearance of importance and a specialty act. but when you throw it on after a long wrestling show, all you’re ultimately saying is… here’s some more, less important stuff if you’d like.

  • jrock2310

    something else that boggles my mind… do they just pick and choose who they want in 205 live? I mean, technically, shouldn’t finn balor be in 205 live? they need to do their best to have this make sense, logically. why wouldn’t Neville be furious that balor gets to compete for a top spot on the main roster and compete for world titles, yet he is relegated to a gimmick show?

  • M

    Completely agree with you, however to say that NXT is boring and should be rid of in comparison to 75% of what’s going on with Raw, is nonsense. I will admit though, NXT has been a bit bland as of late but once their current roster starts to fully develop and maybe a few signings, they’ll get back to their normal prestige.

  • jrock2310

    he’s so freaking good. what’s not to like?

  • jrock2310

    that’s what NXT was supposed to be in its inception… but now its a touring brand w/ some pretty big stars. that said, I agree that it should get back to development rather than a stop-gap to introduce the indy stars before making their way to the main roster.

    as for who’s fault…. its vince’s fault. do you think he gives two-shi%s about NXT? NO. he just wants to cherry pick stars who may have some buzz and damn the NXT product. while it is his prerogative to do so – it undermines what HHH is trying to do. and ultimately what HHH is trying to do is better the main roster by way of development. but when vince decides to take someone, it hurts NXT because it takes time to replace or bring in new talent. it throws a giant wrench in everything they’re trying to do in NXT. HHH understands all this, but that doesn’t mean it makes it any easier.

    especially when perhaps a new class is not picking up the system, and the development is not keeping to a pace that they would like. then you have other indy guys who may be contracted to other companies like TNA, ROH, NJPW, etc… they can’t just grab whomever they want when they want. contracts and lawyers are a real thing.

  • D2K

    It’s time for investors to step in and form an injunction for his removal for the company’s own good. To be honest though unfortunately, if Vince were ever removed from power permanently, I think he’d die less than a month later. His entire being is tied into this company. It’s who he is. He doesn’t know how to do anything else.

  • Mister Who

    This is what I’ve been saying about Vince several times, he is becoming a problem in the WWE

  • Mister Who

    They should have moved 205 Live to Smackdown

  • CC

    I don’t get when people say it got cannibalised. Its a feeder show, their dev territory.
    The whole point of NXT is to make the next WWE stars.
    If nobody in NXT is ready to replace Joe or Nakamura, then whose fault is that?
    In NXT you have to take responsibility for getting yourself over and showing you can be the next big thing. Take whatever gimmick WWE gives them and turn it into a winner.

    Yes there will always be those guys that move up who do not deserve it (Dana Brooke for example), but most of the guys that made it to the top of NXT deserved to be there.

  • CC

    apart from PPVs, who watches most of the network content live?
    no reason to do away with either NXT or 205 as you can watch them when you want, or not watch them. Nobody forces anyone to sit down and watch any WWE product.

  • wildeye

    what happened was the brand split, but I think the big problem is the cruiserweight show. more fans are more into that because they hope it will be as big as it used to be. PLus they wrestle on RAW as well as the PPVs. Get rid of 205 then more people will be into it. Also the last bunch that just joined Balor, Bailey, and the other women’s superstars were another breed compared to who is in NXT now.

  • D2K

    You can add Nia Jax to that list unfortunately.

  • D2K

    Jay Lethal should have BEEN in WWE a long time ago.

  • D2K

    The brand-split was a strategic way for Vince to kill-off NXT. His massive ego cannot stand for anyone to have great success that he had nothing to do with. Especially within his own company.

  • M

    That’s insanity. Would rather them do away with 205 Live. That’s being completely misused and in a horrible time slot and position.

  • Mister Who

    Maybe they should do away with NXT, it’s completely boring

  • jrock2310

    NXT got cannibalized by WWE. and it looks like its going to happen again on a smaller scale w/ the likes of joe and eventually nakamura. but nakamura can’t go anywhere until they sign new talent – which was/is still imperative to do. all this is certainly going to impede nakamura’s rise. nakamura is no spring chicken either. WWE/NXT was silly to let someone like jay lethal re-sign w/ ROH. and its why they can’t afford to not sign guys like adam cole here in the near future.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I think a lot of talent is being called up too soon. Things that work well in NXT don’t always translate on the main roster (The Ascension, Vaudevillains, Tyler Breeze, Dana Brooke come to mind). They were cool and stood out in NXT but easily get lost in the big leagues where it’s obviously a totally different talent pool.

    Also kind of surprised that some talent stay longer in NXT (Samoa Joe), while others bypass the facility altogether (AJ Styles). I wanted to see Joe debut a long time ago, but now I feel it won’t be as exciting when it happens.

    Furthermore, they’re constantly bringing talent up to feud with the same people they did programs with in NXT, particularly the women.