Triple H ‘Jealous’ Of Stephanie McMahon With WWE Star

One of the biggest storylines during the Attitude Era featured Stephanie McMahon, Kurt Angle and Triple H being involved in a love triangle. Kurt Angle’s storyline with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H started during his first year in WWE. Triple H wants to hire a top AEW wrestler.



During the latest episode of ‘The Kurt Angle Show’, WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle talked about a famous spot during that storyline. Kurt Angle teamed up with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for a tag match against The Dudley Boyz and Lita in 2000. After the match, McMahon embraced Kurt Angle and wrap her legs around him, which apparently made ‘The Game’ jealous.

Angle revealed that it was all Stephanie McMahon’s idea as she wanted to anger Triple H.

“I remember, you know, before the match, we were planning on what to do, and I didn’t know how we were going to celebrate. If we wanted to piss off Triple H, we had to do something that would be offensive towards him. So, I told her, ‘Why don’t we hug each other, fall down and roll around the mat, you know, just roll together while we were holding each other.”

Angle added that he had no intention of mixing real-life relationships with pro wrestling.

“And she was like, ‘No, pick me up and let me wrap my legs around you and celebrate. And I was like, ‘Oh, sh**.’ You know, this is Triple H’s fiance, wife, whatever she was at that particular time, but, you know, it was a bit, it was confusing for me because I didn’t want to get involved with somebody, you know, who obviously had a real boyfriend or husband in the business and to do this angle was really new to me and different.

I didn’t want to piss anyone off. It was a really difficult spot to be in.”

Triple H also recently revealed an AEW Star he wants to hire in WWE.

Harrison Carter
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