Triple H on why Jinder Mahal received such a big push

Jinder Mahal’s transaction from being a jobber to becoming the WWE Champion was surprising to many and people wonder what caused WWE to change their mind about the Modern Day Maharaja.



During a recent conference call, Triple h was asked how it became possible and the game claimed that he always thought Jinder had the potential to become a big star in WWE.

However, he said that during Mahal’s first run things didn’t work out as they thought and he ended up as a member of 3MB and later got released from the company.

Though according to the Game, his run in the independent circuit made him more mature and it’s what made his big push possible when he returned to the company, similarly to his fellow 3MB member Drew McIntyre:

“Nothing always goes the way you plan. But, you take them out of the environment, when both those guys left us, it looked – go figure some things out, take your time, mature. Be ready for the opportunity, because when it comes back, you’re gonna want to be able to kill it, and they both have. I think that’s great. “

It’s worth mentioning here that in previous interviews, many WWE superstars have praised the hard work of Jinder Mahal since returning to WWE which is also believed to be a reason for his championship victory.

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