Triple H Knew Diva Committed Illegal Crime?

Sonya Deville made her surprise return to the company during the first episode of Friday Night Smackdown back in 2021. Since then she has been busy with her on-screen role alongside Adam Pearce. She also competed against Naomi in a longstanding feud that went on for months. She teamed up with Charlotte Flair and faced off against Ronda Rousey and Naomi in a tag team match at WWE Elimination Chamber on February 19th, 2022 in Saudi Arabia. she got fired from her on-screen role as well eventually.



Sonya Deville was arrested in New Jersey on February 19th for carrying a firearm without a proper permit. Despite having carried a weapon since her traumatizing stalker incident in 2020, Deville had not yet obtained a legal permit for it in New Jersey. While news of her arrest did not break until March 1st, the WWE creative team was reportedly notified immediately, as her arrest could have potentially affected her immediate short-term plans.

However, Ringside News indicated that there was no backlash against Deville, as they understood her need to protect herself given her past experience with stalking and home invasion. Deville’s stalker, Philip Thomas II, was arrested and charged with several offenses, including aggravated stalking, armed burglary, attempted armed kidnapping, and criminal mischief. A protective order was also filed to keep Thomas away from Deville, who was understandably traumatized by the incident.

In 2021, Judge Barbara Twine deemed Thomas unfit to stand trial and sent him to a mental health facility on June 22nd of that year. It is unclear whether Thomas is still in the facility, but the case is now listed as closed in related legal documents, with the case being officially closed in April 2022.

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