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Triple H on the lack of Women’s matches at Greatest Royal Rumble

Triple H

While the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble has shaped up to be a legendary event with a match card capable enough to give goosebumps to any wrestling fan, there is one thing missing from the show.

Due to the strict laws in Saudi Arabia, there are no women’s matches on the card for the upcoming event. As the show is approaching media outlets have started questioning WWE’s decision to do business with a region which imposes conservative Islamic cultural standard on their country.

During a recent interview with the Independent, Triple H addresses this controversy and said that every culture is different and people have to understand that just because they don’t agree with a certain aspect of the culture, then it doesn’t mean that the culture is not relevant.

Though continuing on the topic, The Game said that you have to be a part of something first to change things and later hoped that the females will also get a chance to showcase their talent in Arabia in the next few years:

While, right now, women are not competing in the event, we have had discussions about that and we believe and hope that, in the next few years they will be. That is a significant cultural shift in Saudi Arabia.

What do you think of this whole controversy? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section

  • Sarah El Khoury

    ugh, omg, stop writing a million comments and forcing your views on people. It’s a wrestling show website not a political forum. Take it elsewhere.

  • F this show

    The middle east is a $#!Thole regardless of how much money they have. And Yank? Damn straight and proud.

  • Thomas Murray


  • F this show

    Fact: saudi arabia is a backwards country.

  • F this show

    Sitting on top of almost all the world’s oil? I would hope they wouldn’t have homeless people. You can have all the money in the world and still be a bunch of brain dead idiots. Go away now, your opinion doesn’t matter.

  • Thomas Murray

    really thats why all there people get healthcare, far far less homeless than the rich and mighty us of a

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Hahahahaha I thought only crappy grammar was there thing, not double posting.

  • F this show

    saudi arabia is a backwards country. This show should not be taking place.

  • F this show

    I understand perfectly how things work there and how they work is wrong. If saudi arabia won’t allow the women to compete, they shouldn’t be getting ANY wrestling show.

  • MindTricked

    Are you new here? 😀

  • Darrin Tyler

    I understand it. But dont agree with it. But i guess u can see it as a day off for them to relax. Unless they are doing houseshows out of the country?

  • CC

    He is not apologising. Just stating facts.

  • CC

    And then you would piss and moan when someone comes to your country and wants to ignore your laws to suit theirs. It is simple, whether you agree with it or not, you abide by a countries laws when you go there.
    And as for putting demands on them or no show, you do realise that money talks yeah?
    Like WWE is gonna turn down this pay day or make demands that will not be met.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    People who are crying about lack of Women wrestling on the Greatest Royal Rumble need to shut up because you don’t know how things work in Saudi Arabia.

  • F this show

    Here’s how you deal with the situation if you’re WWE: you tell them “you want a show?” If they say “yes, but no women.” Then WWE says “then you don’t get a show because the year is 2018, not 18, you backwards jackasses.”

  • Vor

    What a pathetic attempt at apologetics

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Why are you guys reporting on something twice recently?!