Triple H Major ‘Health Scare’ Update Revealed

Triple H reportedly had to miss last week’s NXT’s taping due to being quarantine because of an internal COVID-19 outbreak that took place. In his place, Shawn Michaels and Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James oversaw the show. It should be noted that Triple H did not have COVID-19 himself, but was simply being quarantined as a precaution. However, for better or worse ‘The Game’ was back in the thick of things this week as Triple H was backstage during this week’s NXT show. This top AEW star revealed why he ‘rejected Triple H.



The following was reported by noted Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer during a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio: “By the way, a lot of the people that were gone last week were back this week including Paul Levesque backstage. He was running the show this week. He’s back, so that’s good.”

In other news regarding Triple H, Paul Wight, the former Big Show recently sat down with Chris Jericho on his ‘Talk His Jericho’ podcast to discuss Triple H not wanting to put him over and not wanting to have a match with him during the Authority angle. Credit to EWrestlingNews for the below transcription.

“I’m not bitter, but I feel a little sad that I didn’t get to do as much as I could have done. After a while, I got tired of trying to prove to them what I could do for them. I’m a constant billboard for everything I’ve done, and I never felt like WWE took advantage of that. They half-assed it on some things. It was like, ‘Let’s pull back, that’s too much because it’s not the direction we want to go.’ Just like the whole angle with Hunter when the fans went crazy because we had a look on the ramp when they were running the company and all that stuff and screwing the guys over. Just off a look, the fans wanted to see it.

“We built that up, and it never turned into a match. Hunter didn’t want to wrestle me at SummerSlam, didn’t want to put me over at a pay-per-view. It was, ‘There’s not going to be a match, you get to knock me out, and that’s the end of it.’ I’m thinking, if this has this natural momentum, why wouldn’t we go into a pay-per-view?’ It would help my career and my positioning. I don’t care about winning. Hunter can drop me with a pedigree. I don’t care about that. I want to tell good stories. That’s the best way to describe it. I wanted to be involved in better stories and tell better stories. I went from not being able to tell stories to turning into a seven-foot enhancement talent.” These Triple H WrestleMania match rumors recently leaked.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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