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Triple H on if NXT is an alternative to Raw and SmackDown

Triple H

It’s safe to say that NXT has become more or less a third brand for WWE over the past couple of years and many believe it will become a full-fledged third show of WWE in upcoming time.

During a recent interview with NBC Sport, Triple H was asked if he sees NXT as an alternative to WWE’s other two brands SmackDown Live and Raw.

Answering the question, the former WWE Champion said that it’s indeed an alternative now since both the other shows are presented in a certain way:

“It’s an alternative now. I think that the more variety you can give the better. Raw is presented a certain way. SmackDown is presented a certain way. NXT is presented a certain way and there are markets for all of those products.”

Though later in the interview, Triple H also said that there is always going to be a learning curve and it will always be sort of development for some.