Triple H on if Drew McIntyre can become a World Champion in 2020

Many people believe that Drew McIntyre has the qualities to become a World Champion in WWE and it appears that Triple H thinks the same.



The Game was recently interviewed by Sportskeeda where he talked about things like the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV among other things.

When asked if we can see McIntyre becoming the first-ever Scottish and British WWE Champion in 2020, the WWE vice president said that it’s a possibility:

“I think it’s a possibility,” Triple H said. “Drew has had an incredible run, started off at such a young age, and he’s still so young now and he’s kind of just coming into his own now as a performer, really. I told him that the sky is the limit for him. He left for a while, he had to go clear himself out and realise what he wanted, and step away and come back even better.”

Continuing on the topic, Triple H said that Drew is an incredibly hard worker. He wants to be the best in the world and he is as serious as serious can be.

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