Triple H on involvement of NXT in WWE Draft

Triple H discussed the WWE Draft and opened up about if NXT would be a part of it during the NXT Takeover: 31 post show media call.



Triple H claims not knowing the real plans

‘The Game’ admitted that he does not know about the actual plans of the WWE Draft. He spoke about how plans can change as well.

Triple H said that the wrestling talents have moved back and forth across the three brands- Raw, Smackdown and NXT. Ember Moon being the latest example as she made her return to the black and yellow brand.

Triple H stated:

“I’ll be honest, I really don’t know. They’re [WWE management] working through that. It’s going to be a wait and see thing for us too.Going of what we’ve seen in the commercial, we [NXT] won’t be a part of the draft. However, that can always change. A lot of talent has gone back-and-forth from NXT, Raw, and SmackDown over the last 12 months.”

He added:

“End of the day, I’m always for what’s best for the talent. No matter how it [the draft] goes, we’ll be ready to make it work.”

Triple H on the talents having opportunities and storytelling:

“The good thing about WWE right now is there are opportunities everywhere, regardless of the brand. Dating back to the years of the territories, when someone moves from one place to another, it’s meaningful. And having those big moments is the art of storytelling.”

WWE Draft is scheduled for two nights starting from Friday Night SmackDown on October 9 and will continue through Monday Night Raw on October 12.

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