Triple H on NXT’s advantage over main roster

Despite being part of the same company NXT and the main roster of WWE feel very different and one of the reasons for it is the difference between the storylines of both.



During a recent interview with Josiah Williams for WWE’s PC YouTube channel, the Mastermind behind the Black and Yellow brand of the company Triple H talked about NXT’s advantage over the main roster.

H said that they have the intention of having long term storylines in NXT but the fact that you don’t have PPVs as frequently as the main roster and there are fewer television hours to write also helps the case:

“There’s intention there to run long-term storylines and to keep those story arcs going when you can, but some of it is just how it ended up because we have the luxury of not having to write 3 hours of live television every week or get through multiple hours of [TV] with multiple pay-per-views in a short period of time. When you have a monthly pay-per-view and 3 hours of live TV every week, like you do with a RAW, that is an exponentially different way of writing that makes you have to go through stuff faster and burn through things”

Apart from this Triple H also talked about their long term storylines facing roadblocks such as Tommaso Ciampa’s injury and how sometimes the genius comes out of the chaos.

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