Triple H putting his career on the line for WrestleMania match against Batista

While we thought that a Triple H vs. Batista match was already set up for WrestleMania, a new roadblock for it was revealed during this week’s episode of Raw.



The WWE CEO came down to the ring during the show and revealed that Batista has demanded for another stipulation to be added to their match at the upcoming show.

While Batista wasn’t there, he had sent a letter to H and in the letter; he had demanded that the DX member put his career on the line for the upcoming bout.

Triple H then went on to cut a promo saying that the Animal accuses him to protect himself and at the end, he agreed to the stipulation of putting his career on the line:

This is in addition to the announced stipulation of the match between these two legends being a No Holds Barred bout at the upcoming event.

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