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Triple H reacts to X-Pac being arrested

X-Pac reveals what Triple H said to him.

X-Pac revealed what his longtime friend Triple H had to say to him on his recent arrest at LAX.

X-Pac was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport last month after airport officials allegedly found meth and marijuana on him, besides a significant amount of cash as well.

The 44 year old was on his way to a professional wrestling event in the UK however, was arrested on the spot.

Nevertheless, in the days that followed the powers-that-be uncovered the fact that what had initially been seized as meth was a bunch of yeast infection pills.

Besides, X-Pac also revealed that he does indeed possess a medical marijuana card that permits him to carry marijuana with him for medicinal purposes.

X-Pac aka Sean Waltman has now been cleared of all charges. Additionally, addressing the issue on his podcast, he revealed-

“Paul (Triple H) just asked me, “Are you going to get ahead of this story?” It was hard. I let it get away from me for a day or so but I think I did a pretty good job.” 

Furthermore, X-Pac also spoke about him and Triple H smoothing out the entire situation, especially given the fact that the former is signed to a Legend’s contract with WWE-

“I told Paul (Triple H), “Look, man, I understand if you gotta suspend me or do what you gotta do. I get it. I’m fine.” He (Triple H) said, “Just handle it. We’ll see how it plays out”—I think that was great and I am very grateful for that.”

X-Pac presently makes appearances in several professional wrestling events the world over. He’s also associated with WWE where he makes promotional appearances from time to time.

X-Pac will forever be remembered as one of the most polarizing WWE Superstars in the history of the company.

Regardless of what he may have been accused of, the DX savant has proved his innocence and in my opinion, needs to be given credit for the same. Here’s wishing Sean Waltman the best of luck in his future endeavors.

  • Arnold Jackson

    They don’t call it X-PAC/GO AWAY HEAT for nothing. It’s because they wanted him to go away.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I am not trying to be rude, but I don’t think X-Pac is one of the most “polorizing” superstars off all time and the only reason he’s even mentioned ever is because of his relationship with HHH.