Triple H reflects on why 2019 is the right year for Chyna in Hall of Fame

Joanie “Chyna” Laurer will be inducted into the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame alongside her DX faction this coming weekend, and that will of course include her former partner and WWE COO and brains behind NXT, Paul “Triple H” Levesque.



Many have been vocal about Chyna’s induction – some happy that she has finally been given the nod in some way, and others who believe it is a cop-out.

In an interview with the State of Combat podcast, The Game has given his opinion on Chyna’s induction as part of DX and what he thinks of it happening this year:

“It’s awesome. I’m thrilled for her as the human being that I knew, for her family and for her sister, who I knew. There is probably not a woman who has ever made as big of an impact as she did. Somebody that transcended the business on her own and I’m sure will be in the Hall of Fame sometime on her own. I think it’s fitting she is in there with DX in the beginning because it’s how she started, and I think it’s what it should be.

After she left the business and everything else prevented [her Hall of Fame induction] for a period of time, it’s funny because people look at it and go, ‘Finally, they are putting her in.’ But she’s going into a class with Honky Tonk Man. Like, he’s just getting in there and is a generation before. It’s not a time-limit type thing.

I’m thrilled that it’s this year, partly because finally the time has passed where everything can just happen and it can be right for her where the moment of putting her in the Hall of Fame for this manner is about her accomplishments and not about anything else. That was always my bigger point of this. You can’t do it when [the negative] becomes the conversation. The conversation needs to be about her accomplishments and what she did here.

If you could go back and say it [that she’d be inducted during a year when three women will main event WrestleMania 35] to her, it’s something that in that point of time you would be like, ‘No way, that would have been inconceivable.’ She probably inspired a lot of the women that are doing what they are doing right now, and it couldn’t have been any more of the right time and the right spot, and it all happened for a reason that way.”

An expected but political answer from Levesque, along with the admission that a solo spot for Chyna in the WWE Hall of Fame will happen. Some day.

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