Triple H Removed Four Stars From Night of Champions

Triple H seemingly had to remove some stars from the last night’s WWE Night of Champions card. The Premium Live Event took place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and it saw WWE stars like The Street Profits, LA Knight and Karrion Kross in the crowd. Billi Bhatti was asked on Twitter why the WWE stars were seated in the crowd. It was noted that the only time something like this was seen was at WCW Starcade 97.’



Bhatti responded:

“They took extra wrestlers over to do media and intended to add another match. LA Knight was gonna pick Kross as his next new partner and they were going to lose to the Street Profits as Knight carried on his feud against them, but there wasn’t time for it after show was timed out.”

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins was crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H made an appearance and handed him the title after Rollins won against AJ Styles. His victory in Jeddah marks his first World Championship in close to four years.

Speaking after his historic win to Arab News Sport, Rollins talked about the title and called the title an extension of the Big Gold Belt that we’ve seen in the past.

“It’s a beautiful thing man. I feel like I was born for this title. I’ve watched many, many, many great champions carry this thing with a lot of pride. And this is version 2.0 , 3.0, I don’t know. But it’s a really special feeling to be the first [and] carry that lineage. It was a great night out there. Really great night, and I’m very proud to be the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion in 2023.”

Speaking about what’s next for him as Champion, Rollins made it clear he will be a different kind of title-holder to Roman Reigns.

“I’ll tell you where I’m taking it. I’m taking it to Monday Night Raw where it damn belongs. I’m taking it to this Monday and every single Monday because that’s where I’ve been for years and years and years and that ain’t changing.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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