Triple H Removes Matt Riddle From WWE Raw

Matt Riddle found himself embroiled in an unexpected incident during his return journey from India, where he had just participated in the WWE Superstar Spectacle Show, a momentous occasion cherished by Indian wrestling enthusiasts. While Riddle had thoroughly enjoyed his time in India, his homeward journey took a tumultuous turn upon arriving at JFK Airport.



The ordeal began when Matt Riddle took to Instagram to make a startling claim that he had been “sexually assaulted” by an airport officer at JFK. The genesis of this unsettling scene can be traced back to Riddle’s alleged involvement in a disturbance, which necessitated the intervention of airport security personnel. However, it’s worth noting that Riddle subsequently deleted his post containing the serious accusation.

Exclusive reporting from Ringside News unveiled crucial details surrounding the incident. It was revealed that numerous attempts were made to de-escalate the situation involving Matt Riddle before it escalated to a physical altercation. The incident at JFK Airport was labeled as a “disturbance” primarily triggered by Riddle’s actions.

Additionally, it was disclosed that Riddle had exhibited signs of being “heavily intoxicated” at the time of the altercation, further complicating the matter. Despite the opportunity to pursue a formal complaint, Riddle chose to disregard the suggestion and continued to disrupt the airport environment, prompting the intervention of law enforcement.

In the aftermath of this unsettling incident, PW Insider reported that Matt Riddle was conspicuously absent from WWE RAW that week. It appeared that his travel schedule had been temporarily disrupted, possibly as a result of the airport incident and its ensuing fallout.

After the incident at JFK Airport on Saturday, can confirm that Matt Riddle is not at tonight’s Monday Night Raw taping.

It was also noted that, “WWE sources have also stated that as of this writing, he is no longer expected to work this weekend’s live events in Idaho and Washington, which Riddle had been booked on.”

Further developments from PW Insider indicated that Matt Riddle’s absence extended beyond RAW. WWE sources revealed that, at the time of reporting, he was no longer expected to participate in the live events scheduled for the weekend in Idaho and Washington, events for which he had been previously booked.

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