Triple H Removes Top Raw Star from Crown Jewel

WWE superstars have begun to touch down in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the Crown Jewel event this Saturday and the card promises some excellent matchups, but yet, some superstars are yet to arrive, and it is rumored that MVP – Montel Vontavious Porter – the manager of the ‘Nigerian Giant,’ Omos, may not make the event.

MVP and his protégé’ Omos, have been a force to be reckoned with on Monday Night RAW and MVP was quick to challenge Braun Strowman upon his return to the square circle, after taking a break from the promotion for the past year.

After smashing through Alpha Academy, New Day, and Street Profits upon his return – Braun’s first challenge has come from the Nigerian Giant and the match promises to be a clash of titans.

According to PW Insider, MVP is yet to show up in Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel. However, there is still a small chance that the former United States Champion could make an appearance. Whether or not his absence would also mean the absence of Omos remains unclear.

WWE’s head of creative and Chief Content Officer Triple H, recently issued a warning to Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, threatening to cancel their match after Lesnar skipped a video interview and called out Lashley to the ring – a fight broke out and Triple H warned both men that if they touched each other again, their Crown Jewel match would be canned.

“If they touch, the fight is off” Triple H warned.

The legendary wrestler also dropped a hint that Jake Paul, the brother of Logan Paul, might be making an appearance at the event to be in his brother’s corner, when Logan takes on the Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the main event matchup.

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