Triple H Removing Major Titles On SmackDown?

Xero News took to Twitter and reported that WWE will be introducing new tag team titles for both Monday Night RAW and Friday Night Smackdown.



Rumours are have that we will see more New Titles soon. Hearing both brands to get New Tag Titles. Raw titles to be renamed to be – World Tag Titles Smackdown Tag Titles to be renamed to – WWE Tag Titles Womens Titles will also get a name change


The WWE has been showing a lot of favoritism towards the tag team duo, Pretty Deadly, who have been consistently pushed by the organization throughout their time with the company. Whether it was in their stint at NXT UK, NXT, or their sporadic appearances on the main roster, the officials have been impressed by their performances.

Having already won gold at both NXT UK and NXT, Pretty Deadly were given a shot at the main roster earlier this year in January. They had the opportunity to wrestle the then-NXT Tag Team Champions, The New Day (consisting of Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston), after dropping their titles to them at the NXT Deadline event held on December 10.

However, on a recent episode of WWE NXT, things didn’t go too well for Pretty Deadly. In a match known as the Trunk Match, they faced off against Tony D’Angelo and Stacks, only to be thrown into the trunk of a car. To make matters worse, at the end of the episode, Tony and Stacks were seen tossing Pretty Deadly into a lake, with the implication being that they were “swimming with the fishes.”

Despite this setback, reports suggest that the tag team will be present backstage at the upcoming Friday SmackDown, which happens to be the first night of the WWE Draft. This draft will continue on the following Monday at Raw.

As previously reported, Pretty Deadly has been on the radar for a possible call-up to the main roster. Given their presence at SmackDown and the recent angle on NXT, it appears that they are among the top picks for the call-up. It remains to be seen how they will fare on the bigger stage, but with the WWE officials showing such confidence in them, the future certainly looks bright for Pretty Deadly.

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