Triple H Replaces White Rabbit With Ex-WWE Champion

WWE started dropping easter eggs about the return of a WWE superstar. The grapevine confirmed that it was Bray Wyatt, but it turns out that the hints were about Aleister Black who was contacted by the WWE after Triple H took the creative charge.



Hunter wants to bring Black back, but it looks like things are on a different scale right now as AEW has granted Black a conditional release. The condition, of course, includes that he can’t go back to the WWE. The easter eggs, QR codes and other stuff were designed for Black, but it turned out that things changed later.

With the change, Windham Rotunda is considered the name behind the White Rabbit moniker. The initials of both names also match so it looks like that the two are in unison and the person returning will be Bray Wyatt. Dave Meltzer discussed this in his newsletter stating:

There was a quick buzzard spot during a backstage interview on Raw, and the source code on the website includes the opening lines of the Aleister Black theme, ‘No man is ever truly good. No man is ever truly evil’ meaning when this was first done, they expected Black or wanted to tease Black.

WWE also played The White Rabbit theme song during the commercial and it gives us the Fireflies look and feel which again redirects to Bray Wyatt. Whether he is the one returning or not, is a matter of discussion between members of the WWE Universe.

Who do you think is returning? Sound off in the comments.

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