Triple H Reveals Truth About Saudi Arabia reports that Triple H held a meeting squashing rumors that a WWE sale to Saudi Arabia is a ‘done deal.’



“ What calmed many talent’s concerns, was Triple H stating that none of what is going on with Vince McMahon will change the creative process he has in place, or the team that helps put it together. Triple H did keep it open and say that anything could change, but right now Vince McMahon defers final creative to Triple H. Triple H also said that while he and Vince McMahon may have discussions, he makes the final call. WWE was adamant in an official sense to us this week that Triple H was still running creative.”

Vince McMahon was the CEO of WWE before he had to step down following allegations of sexual misconduct and allegedly having paid $12 million in hush money in a huge scandal last year. Many fans believed he was retired forever, but that was not the case. This is because Vince McMahon returned to WWE last week and last night, he became the Executive Chairman of WWE once again after his daughter Stephanie McMahon resigned. Nick Khan is now the sole CEO of WWE while Triple H remains the Creative Head of WWE.

Following Vince McMahon’s return to WWE, there have been rumors that he plans on selling the company to Saudi Arabia.

According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was noted that Stephanie McMahon’s WWE exit was much different this time. She executed a full break this time around, when last time Stephanie McMahon only took “a leave.”

As far as Stephanie McMahon goes, last year she took a leave of absence from the company. While it was her decision, there were those in the company who did bury her on the way out and said she wasn’t good at her job as Chief Brand Officer. They also put out a story that she was forced out by Vince, although those close to her knew that wasn’t the case since she had talked about leaving for some time, dating back to shortly after Levesque suffered a near fatal heart issue and it was said that she was reevaluating her life.

But the belief when she left the first time was that she would come back, and when leaving, retained her position on the Board of Directors. While not her position name, but as far as the bulk of her work, her position was filled quickly and word was that if or when she would come back, it would be in a different role.

It was further noted that Stephanie McMahon leaving WWE after assuring employees that she was staying ended up raising a lot of flags.

Her leaving after assuring employees she was staying and the company saying the same raises flags. Those close to the situation in WWE tried to present her decision to leave as being related to the decision last year, that after Levesque’s heart situation, she reevaluated her life, wanted to raise her three daughters and was wealthy enough that money will never be a concern.

But she came back when Vince was in trouble. But that doesn’t explain why this was a resignation and she left the board and cut all ties with the company she has worked for since she was a teenager. It was also conceded that she and Vince did have issues in working together as family members and how Khan was a buffer who kept things smooth between them as well as between Vince and Levesque.

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