Triple H Reveals Why He Raided NWA & Impact Wrestling

With the NXT-centric WWE Vengeance finished, HHH spoke on topics including new signees to the WWE world.



HHH noted that he thought NXT had “an amazing show” referring to Vengeance. He also pointed out that he takes the ‘Dusty Cup’ very seriously as Dusty Rhodes was not only a creative partner, but a “mentor in a lot of ways”.

HHH’s favorite match of the night seemed to be Balor vs Dunne as he recalled it being “off the charts in terms of technical ability”.

After speaking about Vengeance, HHH took questions.

HHH was asked about whether there are any changes to how talents are evaluated and signed for WWE.  HHH said that it depends on the performer.  “Some come in and go right up to the main roster. Some come in and stay.” 

HHH touches on new signees, MSK: “You bring talents in with a thought in your mind – like MSK, who are really good performers but you don’t know everything they can bring or are ready for.” “MSK are sponges and have knocked their opportunities out of the park.” 

Finishing up the segment of new hires, HHH was asked about Eli Drake coming on board: “There’s no feeling on anyone.”  HHH states that he was a fan of his (Eli’s) work and promo skills the first time he was in NXT and his journey after.

Breaking down the hiring process, HHH says: “When the time was right, phone calls were made, there were interest on both side and it was smooth and easy.  He wants to be where they have the biggest platform for him and there’s no ceiling for him.”

We thank Mike Johnson at PWInsider for the insight.


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