Triple H Ripped Off Move From WWE Raw Star

Triple H is one of the greatest stars of WWE. He used to perform one of the most iconic finishers in the company- ‘Pedigree.’ However, before that he had used The Diamond Cutter, a move that was popularized by WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page during the Monday Night Wars in WCW. It would later go on to be used by current WWE star Randy Orton, renamed as the RKO. DDP recently recalled the story of when Hunter used his finisher as his own.



DDP reminisces when Triple H performed the cutter

On the latest episode of the DDP Snake Pit Podcast, DDP told the story of seeing Triple H use the Diamond Cutter just when he was really starting to get over with it in WCW.

“The Diamond Cutter was really getting over. The Diamond Cutter was taking me to a different spot,” DDP said. “You could hit it on anyone out of anywhere. And even though I was only hitting guys who were enhancement guys, it was still popping the crowd. So one night I’ve got RAW on and Triple H hit that cutter out of nowhere and pinned the guy. I was like ‘no! Bastard! No, not him!’ There’s three guys who when I say have the craziest work ethics ever, me, him, and The Rock. I’m thinking ‘man if he takes that? I’ve got to call him.’ And I just pick up the phone.”

It was revealed by DDP that he eventually got Triple H on the phone, and the two men had a deep conversation. Both men had a real friendship, so it was easy to approach the subject in that manner:

“He never answered the phone, he never answered before that day or after that day,” DDP said. “But that day he answered. He’s like ‘hey D, how you doing?’ ‘I’m doing great, but listen bro.’ We talked for a bit, got the sidetalk out of the way. We had a real relationship. I said ‘listen bro, I’ve got a favor to ask you.’ He said ‘sure D, anything.’ I was like ‘don’t say that.’ And look, Sting had the Scorpion Death Lock, Bret Hart had the Sharpshooter, it’s the same move.”

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